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Alchemy Solidus

by: Official Extension

URL: https://github.com/AlchemyCMS/alchemy-solidus

Keywords: shop, cart, official, solidus, ecommerce


Alchemy CMS Solidus Extension

The World’s Most Flexible E-Commerce Platform meets The World’s Most Flexible Content Management System!

This gem is a Alchemy CMS and Solidus connector.

For now it does this:

  1. It provides an Alchemy module that displays Solidus admin in an iframe inside Alchemy admin.
  2. It gives you new Essences for Alchemy called EssenceSpreeProduct and EssenceSpreeTaxon that you can use to place a Spree product and Taxon on your pages.
  3. Shares admin session between Alchemy and Solidus.



This version runs with Solidus 2.0 and above.


This version runs with Alchemy 4.0


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